Deep Learning for End-to-End Automatic Target Recognition from Synthetic Aperture Radar Imagery


The standard architecture of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) automatic target recognition (ATR) consists of three stages: detection, discrimination, and classification. In recent years, convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for SAR ATR have been proposed, but most of them classify target classes from a target chip extracted from SAR imagery, as a classification for the third stage of SAR ATR. In this report, we propose a novel CNN for end-to-end ATR from SAR imagery. The CNN named verification support network (VersNet) performs all three stages of SAR ATR end-to-end. VersNet inputs a SAR image of arbitrary sizes with multiple classes and multiple targets, and outputs a SAR ATR image representing the position, class, and pose of each detected target. This report describes the evaluation results of VersNet which trained to output scores of all 12 classes: 10 target classes, a target front class, and a background class, for each pixel using the moving and stationary target acquisition and recognition (MSTAR) public dataset.

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IEICE Technical Report, vol.117, no.403, SANE2017-92, pp.35-40, Jan. 2018


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