SAVERS: SAR ATR with Verification Support Based on Convolutional Neural Network


We propose a new convolutional neural network (CNN) which performs coarse and fine segmentation for end-to-end synthetic aperture radar (SAR) automatic target recognition (ATR) system. In recent years, many CNNs for SAR ATR using deep learning have been proposed, but most of them classify target classes from fixed size target chips extracted from SAR imagery. On the other hand, we proposed the CNN which outputs the score of the multiple target classes and a background class for each pixel from the SAR imagery of arbitrary size and multiple targets as fine segmentation. However, it was necessary for humans to judge the CNN segmentation result. In this report, we propose a CNN called SAR ATR with verification support (SAVERS), which performs region-wise (i.e. coarse) segmentation and pixel-wise segmentation. SAVERS discriminates between target and non-target, and classifies multiple target classes and non-target class by coarse segmentation. This report describes the evaluation results of SAVERS using the Moving and Stationary Target Acquisition and Recognition (MSTAR) dataset.

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IEICE Technical Report, vol.118, no.28, SANE2018-5, pp.23-28, May 2018


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